A Medical Success Story

Written by Felister Wambui

My job is to work towards alleviating poverty in the Maraa Sub County.  My deepest inspiration is to assist and help other.  My name is Felister Wambui and I am a proud mother in my early thirties.  I came to know HopeCore through a friend who advised me of a job opportunity. I was proud to be interviewed and I availed myself to showcase my potential.  It was God’s favour that I was chosen to work with Village HopeCore International as a clinical officer in the public health department.

I want to share with you a recent case of a young child Juster living in a vulnerable Nukuru region with her grandmother.  She presented to me with persistent abdominal swelling and  was emaciated.  Upon exam, her symptoms indicated an urgent need for a paediatric review so we arranged for her to be seen at Chogoria Mission Hospital.

Upon arrival she was admitted and multiple studies conducted including a CT which revealed a massive omental liposarcoma.  She would require surgery at a cost of KES 40,000 or ($400 USD).  The cost far exceeded the amount her family could afford to pay.  We made arrangements to have her evaluated at Meru General Hospital.

The Meru surgeon completed a biopsy and revealed the tumor was benign and agreed to do the needed surgery free of charge.  Unfortunately, the operating theater was undergoing renovations that continued to delay her surgery and I was very worried for this little girl.  My coordinator, Mercy Nelina contacted Kijabe Hopsital and through Bethany Kids Foundation they made arrangements for an immediate surgery without any charge.

We planned our travel for this little Juster.  I chose to spend the nights with her so I could be sure everything went well.  My family understood that I would be away for this time and supported my decision.  Fortunately, the mass was successfully removed and this little girl did well after four days in the hospital.

I was so inspired by this story of this child.  The photos show what a devastating impact this tumor was having on her health.  Now she has a future of is full of hope.

It was through the support and work of the entire HopeCore family that I share this success story.  I want to recognize Terry, Jessca, Mercy, Easter, Bosco, Evans and our pilot Mwenda. God bless you all and I am so lucky to have you all as colleagues.

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