One in every 26 Kenyan children dies before reaching age one and about one in every 19 does not survive to his/her 5th birthday (Unicef 2018). According to the report, 85% of all deaths to children under age 15 years occur to children under age five with 38% of the under-five deaths occurring in the first month of life. Additionally, no woman deserves to die while giving birth, yet maternal deaths remain unacceptably high accounting for 14% of all deaths to women age 15-49. Most of these deaths are preventable. Women from rural areas are the most affected due to poverty, ignorance, and illiteracy. 

Village HopeCore MCH programme aims to address this challenge through our mobile MCH and the community clinic. We have a laboratory to aid in diagnosis.


Our highly qualified and experienced health care teams conduct 6 mobile MCH clinics every week across 516 villages in Mwimbi and Muthambi sub-counties. The services offered in these clinics include:

  • Health education to mothers on various health topics such as breastfeeding, family planning, nutrition, water safety, and healthy habits. This is aimed at empowering mothers/caregivers to take charge of their own health and that of their families.
  • Supplementation of micronutrients such as vitamin A to under-five children and prenatal multivitamins to women
  • Deworming of all children under-five years
  • Nutritional assessment (Growth monitoring), counselling and referrals)
  • Free treatment services to women and children

Additionally, we also have a community clinic and laboratory that provides free health services to women and children



Mothers educated- 40,355

Children under-five growth monitored- 27060

Mothers and children treated- 32641

Women given family planning- 3701

Children under five dewormed- 11804