Village HopeCore International has been implementing a successful school-health program and water and soap program within Maara Sub County for the last 8 years. Throughout these 8 years, the organization has seen a great impact on the health of the pupils in the Sub County. That being said, we are constantly striving to improve our programming by identifying gaps.

Of late, we came to realize our successes were not as high as we had previously observed. There needs to be an increased focus on the teachers and their dedication to their pupils’ health and the programs HopeCore is implanting in the schools.

We are pivoting our focus to training the teachers in the school system as trainers of trainers to ensure that the messages we are giving to children and their mothers are being reinforced by other adults and/or authority figures in the community. The trained teachers will be known as Health Champions.

HopeCore is currently reviewing how we can award schools that have the healthiest children as a way to incentivize teachers to commit to our school-health and WASH program.We plan to offer additional incentives to teachers in the form of lunch and/or mosquito nets to ensure they attend training sessions. Finally, at the award ceremony, we will award teachers who have met their key performance indicators with a cash reward.

These Health Champions are truly pioneers and another step toward a replicable program that can be implemented across the developing world. These teachers will continue to reinforce the health messages offered in our mobile clinics and champion healthy behaviors in the schools.