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Hello! My name is Momanyi Ongori Bright, I am a fourth-year student at Chuka University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development. As a requirement in my course outline, I was supposed to be attached to an organization to gain experience in my field of expertise. I first heard about Village Hopecore International in November 2016 from a friend whom I study with at Chuka University and through God’s favor I got the opportunity to undertake my Internship at HopeCore. I began my Internship on 9th of January 2017 not knowing what to expect from HopeCore especially since I had no clear idea of what the organization deals with.

I have learned a lot during my time at HopeCore, not only on issues related to my coursework but also socially as I have grown so fond of the staff. I consider the staff to be a great family to me, especially the Public Health team where I was attached.

During my first month of internship, I was oriented to various aspects of the organization that would help me throughout my internship period. I got the chance to work under the WASH programme being coordinated by Mawira Michael where we visited various schools to monitor the tanks donated by HopeCore and to distribute Water Guard and soap for hand washing. It was a very good experience as I felt connected with the organization’s mission through the smiles that we left pupils with.

Most of the time, I participated in school-based mobile clinics and the maternal and child health program. I was part of Group C headed by Ms. Kagendo Stella although I also got a chance to work with the other two groups. I gained skills in various activities such as triaging, health education, and growth monitoring. I would especially like to thank all the people whom I got the chance to work with as they exercised patience during my learning moments.

My best part during my internship was the distribution of tanks to schools through the WASH programme with Mr. Murithi Martin because I could visibly see the joy that we brought in the communities and schools through our various programmes.

My passion is to create an impact wherever I go and I have put my best foot forward for HopeCore and as I leave, it is my hope that I have not only learned from HopeCore but HopeCore has also learned from me.

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  1. Am more impressed by the fact that the organisation is built on the foundation of faith. The organisation is doing a good job by giving a helping hand where’er its needed.

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