Lydiah Kanga Kainda

Lydia, an HIV/AIDS positive member of the Mutuma Self Help Group, is 40 yrs old and married to Kanga Mbura who is 55 yrs old. The couple have 3 children. Before getting her $400 loan from Village Hopecore International, made possible by Laurie Plant, Lydia was struggling to care for herself and her family with earnings of $7.59 per month or $0.26 per day, buying and selling bananas and other fruits. She used her VHI loan to plant, buy , and sell more bananas and other fruits. Only 20 months after receiving her loan, Lydia is now generating a monthly income of $50.58 or $1.77 per day, an enviable income increase of 566.7%. She is now more able to pay her children’s school fees, provide them clothing, and attend to the health needs of her family.

Lydia has tried hard to contribute to her Self Help Group’s team-work and to paying off her loan. Her loan repayment performance is presently a 91.84% and is improving. She and VHI deeply acknowledge with gratitude the difference Laurie Plant’s sponsorship has made in her life and that of her family.

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