Services provided:

  • Health education
  • Medical Consultation and Pharmacy
  • Antenatal &Postnatal Care
  • Family planning services
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Laboratory Services
  • Child wellness clinic
  • Health Hotline
  • Youth services

Health education

When clients are at the waiting area awaiting treatment, our health care providers educate them on a selected topic such as nutrition, healthy lifestyles, sexual and gender based violence. Our healthcare providers also educate clients on need basis while providing treatment services


Medical consultation and pharmacy.

We have competent clinicians and nurses who offer comprehensive services to our clients


Antenatal and postnatal care.

Initiated in July 2019.

We offer preconceptual, antenatal and postnatal care. All the required services at each service including abdominal exam, prenatal vitamins, dewormers, Mosquito nets and Iron Folic Acid Supplements are provided for free. Additionally, laboratory services such as Antenatal Care Profiles to all pregnant mothers are free


Family planning services.

We offer family planning services to all women of reproductive age free of charge. The family planning products given include;

  • Insertions and removal of IntraUterine Devices (IUDs) and implants.
  • Progesterone Only Pills (POPs) for breastfeeding mothers within the first 6 months
  • Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs)
  • ¬†Injectables¬†
  • Condoms.

Education on the different methods is done to ensure informed consent. Management of complications is also promptly done. To create demand for family planning services, we sensitize the public during our mobile MCH clinics and through the use of our Community Health Volunteers who go from door to door educating on among others family planning and child spacing.

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Cervical cancer screening.

Initiated in January 2020.

We do initial cervical cancer screening to all the women of reproductive age.

We do link the suspected cases to higher level facilities for advanced care.

Laboratory services.

To supplement the clinic and aid in accurate diagnosis and minimize missed diagnosis is our laboratory. The laboratory was set up with the help of funds from the Merieux Foundation

It is licensed by the Kenyan medical laboratory technician and technologist board (KMLTTB).

We do offer free services to the under five children and pregnant mothers.


Child wellness Clinic

Our baby friendly center provides child wellness services including routine nutritional assessment (Growth monitoring), education and counselling to all children under five years of age. We also provide nutritional supplements, refer complex cases for further care and conduct follow up to ensure adherence to treatment plan

Health Hotline

We aim to reach clients from far and wide and not necessarily those within Mwimbi and Muthambi which is our operation area. We additionally aim to provide virtual health services to save clients cost of transportation, waiting time while at the same time aiming to be efficient and maintain the quality of care. To achieve this, we have a 24-hour dedicated health hotline where clients can call in any time with health-related inquiries. The clients are encouraged to use reverse call service ( service where call charges are on the hotline instead of the caller). This makes it convenient for clients to call in even when they do not have airtime credit. Services offered through the hotline include health advice, counselling, screening for appropriate referral, follow up of treated cases. We also use this hotline to supervise community health volunteers as they provide tier 1 health services to households. For example the CHVs can call in to confirm the management of a case they have encountered in the course of their household visits.

A team always on standby to offer medical advice over the phone