Medical & Global Health Program: MedTreks Kenya

Global Health and Clinical Education Program

MedTreks & Village HopeCore International

MedTreks Kenya is a medical skills and global health education program. It is ongoing collaboration and partnership with MedTreks International & HopeCore.

Education. Collaboration. Innovation. Empowerment.

Global Health
Julie, MedTreks RN working with James, HopeCore RN to help treat patients at one of the mobile free community health clinics.

The MedTreks Kenya program was designed to help strengthen healthcare capacity in Kenya by providing health education and training for the public health team at HopeCore.

Why does the MedTreks Program Exist?

The World Health Organization reports that Sub-Saharan Africa has 24% of the world’s burden of disease and only 3% of the healthcare workforce to address it. Through utilizing “Train the Trainer” model, our MedTreks program is designed to work cohesively with the HopeCore public health program in Kenya, providing them the specific training that they need to expand their healthcare services and train additional healthcare workers in rural Kenya.

Twice a year, HopeCore hosts the MedTreks medical team in a 9 day collaborate community and global health seminar. The week is full of health education, clinical skills training and knowledge exchange between the two teams, HopeCore & MedTreks.

MedTreks and HopeCore Medical Teams August 2019

MedTreks mentorship program sponsors health education and training for the health team at HopeCore.

Telehealth Education & Consultation:

MedTreks recently funded and initiated a Telehealth program with HopeCore. Through VSEE Telehealth platform, HopeCore can now send difficult patient cases to health professionals with a higher level of expertise. For example a patient with a difficult eye case can now be shared with the ophthalmologist working in a different region in Kenya.

Global Health Kenya
Echesa, HopeCore RN practicing with some of the new Telehealth Equipment

Health Education:

Every year the MedTreks faculty continues to grow and expand. Several of the MedTreks team return year after year, but each time there are new participants from different parts of the United States, who travel to Kenya to share their knowledge and help train our HopeCore staff.

Kenya medical volunteer
Jan & Debi, RNs from Seattle and San Diego, co-teach an awesome certification course in CPR and First Aid to the HopeCore Health Team!

Clinical Mentorship:

Working side-by-side, our teams improve through shared knowledge and mentorship. The MedTreks doctors and nurse practitioners help HopeCore with difficult cases and the HopeCore nurses teach the MedTreks participants about the unique aspects of healthcare in Kenya. This shared learning experience is essential to helping build healthcare capacity in resource limited areas of the world.

MedTreks Kenya
MedTreks program is based on mentorship and collaboration: Lynn FNP from Oregon works closely with Winjoy, RN from HopeCore- together they discuss treatment options, learning from each other and helping to improve efficiency & quality patient care.

In addition to the 9-day Global Health Seminars that MedTreks runs twice a year to Kenya with HopeCore, MedTreks provides an ongoing, year-round educational program for the health team at HopeCore.

An example of other MedTreks activities during the seminar:

MedTreks provide ongoing training in various topics in:

  • CPR & First Aid
  • Suturing and Wound Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Care
  • Nutrition, Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Team building, Leadership & Wellness
  • Family planning & Maternal Health
  • Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
  • Ophthalmology, Dermatology & Orthopedics
  • Primary care

As mentioned, the MedTreks Kenya program is designed to help build capacity in the global health arena, which includes education and training for both the US and Kenyan health teams. The 9-day seminar in Kenya is packed full with education, skills training, and healthcare discussions.

MedTreks Kenya
James, HopeCore RN teaching MedTreks RN, Britt about the medications in the pharmacy at one of the mobile clinics.

Medical Volunteer Kenya
HopeCore and MedTreks set up health screening stations during a market day in Chogoria.

medical volunteer
MedTreks team gathers after a successful training of the Community Health Volunteers at HopeCore. January 2018
Medical volunteering Kenya. MedTreks Kenya
MedTreks and HopeCore nurses collaborate on a pediatric rash case.
Medical Missions
MedTreks nurses having fun with the students while they line up waiting to be triaged at one of the mobile clinics.
Vision Program Kenya
Chris, MedTreks RN from California is helping to screen children for the HopeCore vision program.
Medical Mission. MedTreks Kenya.
Winnie, Nurse Practitioner from Kenya, joins the MedTreks team to visit HopeCore and help with pediatric cases, which is her specialty.
Lynn, MedTreks Nurse Practitioner with Orthopedics speciality trains the HopeCore Health staff on splinting with SAM splints.
Medical Mission Kenya
MedTreks and Hopecore team up at the registration during one of HopeCore’s Sunday Community Health Clinics. August 2019
Medical training
Dr. Goyal teaches the HopeCore nurses essential skills in maternal health, family planning and disease prevention.
Medical Mission Kenya
Britt, MedTreks RN works with Sarah, HopeCore RN on pediatric cases
Medical Volunteer Kenya
MedTreks provides a full certification course to HopeCore staff in Helping Babies Breathe! August 2018
Medical Volunteer
The traditional US vs Kenya Soccer Match is a highlight of the trip every time!
So is the Friday Farewell party- this trip forms friendships that will last a lifetime.

Learn what MedTreks participants say about their experience in Kenya with HopeCore:

For over 15 years, I was dreaming of visiting Africa …Not only that dream came through this summer but the reality turned out to be much better that I could have ever imagines.  I came back re-energized, uplifted and inspired.  It was a life-changing experience and gave me a sense of a new direction.  Being surrounded by people with such big hearts, who care so deeply about the wellbeing of others, has been invigorating, and humbling, and instantly created a sense of belonging.  The Village HopeCore and MedTreks team – you became a part of my heart forever.  ~ Sylvia M., Colorado, USA

You have to experience the magic of what HopeCore delivers to its community, health care, health education, and poverty eradication, a recipe for success.  Kenyan run and sustainable it is an inspiration to be amongst these people who care so very much about their community. I am so very grateful for the warmth with which you welcomed us into your community.  I appreciated every day in clinic and allowing me to learn while I was teaching.  I thoroughly enjoyed being tired with you at the end of the day where we saw 42 patients.  I will miss each and every one of you and hope to hear from you about interesting cases on VSEE until I am next able to travel back to Chogoria. With Genuine admiration, ~Lynn S. FNP, Oregon, USA

 “I don’t know if you realize what a special thing MedTreks is or how beautiful the MedTreks / HopeCore relationship is. You’re providing an opportunity for 2 different cultures to share talents and education with each other. The experience is priceless and I can’t wait to return. HopeCore, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all are so nice and hospitable to us. I appreciate your patience in letting us follow you around the schools, your grace was not overlooked. I hope our suggestions were helpful to you.” ~Chris, RN California, USA


“I was introduced to Hopecore through MedTreks in 2018.  This was my second trip and I am amazed by how much HopeCore has grown in a year.  I enjoy learning from the HopeCore nurses and also providing them with resources so they can improve their delivery of care.  The week in Chogoria gives me a perspective that shifts the way I view my own work as a nurse.  We as a MedTreks team come to teach but in the process, as my heart is moved, I am the student gaining both personal and professional growth. I appreciate HopeCore so much for allowing us to visit and participate again. It is an outstanding program and I am grateful they open up their home to us.  I enjoy the special care the team provides when we visit.  Hopecore has really good drivers and thankful for them.” ~Julie, RN, Oregon, USA

This experience was incredibly eye-opening and heartwarming! The setting and accommodations in Chogoria were beautiful and the service was above and beyond. The cultural exchange amongst healthcare workers in the U.S. and healthcare workers in Kenya was exceptional and enlightening. The guidance and navigation through the villages made me feel safe and comfortable yet also provided a “hands-off” approach to learning that allowed me to have individual experience with the healthcare workers, students, and families. I also really enjoyed the community dinners, dancing, and soccer that encouraged mutual appreciation and teamwork. I signed up for this program thinking I was going to be volunteering my time, but instead, I feel like I was given much more than I ever hoped to contribute. I came home feeling re-invigorated about medicine and inspired by the comprehensive approach that Hope Core and MedTreks provides to the community of Chogoria. I gained an indispensable education regarding humanity, communication, and global health. Thank you Hope Core staff for imparting your knowledge and hospitality to the MedTreks team. I felt welcomed and gained a whole new perspective on community healthcare and outreach. The Hope Core model is a powerful example to others. The way you all advocate for your community and give so much of yourself is an inspiration. Your kindness and compassion have continued to keep me smiling here at home.” 
~Tahisha, RN, Nevada, USA

Interested in joining our teams? Learn more about MedTreks HERE!

medical mission africa
MedTreks Team January 2017

Asante Sana to all the MedTreks & HopeCore teams for their genuine passion to improve global health around the world!

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  1. Wow what a great and inspiring story! thank you medtreks Kenya for changing the lives of many communities in Kenya. As a beneficiary of village hopecore I feel honored to be part of this success.

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