Micro Enterprise: Success story highlighting determination

Written by the Micro Enterprise team

It is a great new year and as usual, we are focused on making a difference in people’s lives.  Just as we have done past years we expect this year to equally successful so I have a story to illustrate an example of our work.  We are highlighting Nancy Wawira Gicovi.  When you meet her the first thing you will see is her engaging smile that brightens your day.  Nancy is twenty-eight years old and a beneficiary of the Micro Lending program.  She is married to James Kimathi and they have two girls ages ten and one.

Nancy’s name, Wawira, means “One who works hard” and she lives up to that in every way.  She had to leave school after her primary education due to her family’s financial constraints.  She initially worked as a house-help for two years before marrying her husband who works as a mechanic.  She started tea farming and joined Karia 1 Self-Help group registered with HopeCore in 2013.

This group received funding in 2013, and she received a loan for KES 30,000 (USD 300). With the funds, she purchased a dairy cow.  Unfortunately, her cow became ill and she had to sell it at a low price.  But her husband had a cow and she continued her tea farming.  She was determined to be successful and this set back just made her stronger in her pursuit.

In November of 2015 the group received a second round of funding and Nancy used her loan of KES 30,000 (USD 300) to buy a healthy dairy cow.  This time she made a profit of KES 14,800 (USD14) every month.

Nancy invested her profit in the purchase of a chaff cutter which mechanically slices straw and hay to aid in the cow’s digestions and increase their milk production.  In addition, she purchased a motorbike from which she made an additional profit of KES 72,000 (USD 72).

Recently the group qualified for their third loan and Nancy received KES 60,000 (USD 600).  This time she purchased a maize milling machine and continued to increase her profit margin.

Nancy currently has a monthly income of KES 38,200 (USD 382).  Her profits have increased by 158%.  She has used her additional income to improve her family’s lifestyle by installing electricity in their home and educating her daughter.

Through Nancy’s determination and hard work she has achieved success.  But she still aspires for more including owning rental homes.

We are so proud of Nancy and are honored to part of this amazing success story.  We are confident she will achieve her dreams of the future through her determination and hard work just as her native name tells us.

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