Mukumu’s Farewell

A LEARNING EXPERIENCE…blog by Kimson Mukumu


Songs Excitement Jubilations and Ululations that greet us whenever we step into a school. These are sighs of Hope, Relief that a potential “savior” has come to heed their rescue.

If you haven’t heard of Village HopeCore or just HopeCore as casually referred by the local people, you are Probably New in Maara, Tharaka Nithi County or maybe ignorant of a fleet of dark green Land cruisers  criss-crossing the terrain delivering tanks, soap, sanitary towels or taking enterprising staff to their place of work.

Few meters from the Busy Chogoria Market Lies A building that Houses The Organization. The Pin drop Silence that greets you at the entrance might be deceiving but your arrival at the second floor encompasses a  beehive of activities underway; from the clinic team attending to patients to ‘meeting in Progress posters’ in different offices, Staff Preparing their departure to field and Youths trickling to the Youth Resource Centre. That can be defined as an ideal day at Village HopeCore International.

I didn’t know what to expect when I asked for an internship opportunity at the Organization. Being a Teacher by profession I didn’t know where to fit but I knew my areas of interest: Education and Youth Program. Yes, I was always passionate about the interests of Young People. Education mattered because I knew the Repercussions of having none.

The working Environment as a Health Educator which later changed to Project Officer Youth Program inculcated in me several attributes; Proper Planning, Hard work, Patience and Resilience.

Integrity, when it came to Budgeting and Executing of events is a serious virtue that is required of one working at Village HopeCore International. To cream it all an ever learning culture within the organization capped with Words of Wisdom From The CEO Of the Organization Dr. KK Mugambi Presents one with an opportunity for Growth within and without.

My highs at the Organization was running a successful Career Guidance Platform where with the help of Colleague Project Officers we were able to successfully Mentor and Guide a Cohort of Youths who had finished high school, select their Post-Secondary Courses. Conducting Health Education and offering Counselling to numerous Youths in Secondary Schools was not only impactful but also fulfilling with me.

And Just Like in  Military Training Camp, From Village HopeCore  I have learnt the Necessary Skills to Lead, Impact, Change and Positively Influence the world.

KIMSON KIMATHI MUKUMU; Intern Project officer, youth program

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