HopeCore's NCHVs support the ongoing health program, including: Conducting health education for mothers, referring mothers for clinical services, distribution of mosquito nets at school-based clinics, conducting growth monitoring, provision of family planning services, and home visits.

The information that flows from NCHVs to women improves the quality of information women have access to and is a cost-effective mechanism to expand HopeCore's geographic reach.

The NCHVs each have a smart phone that tracks the homes they visit in their area. From the moment a mother is pregnant, she will receive special attention from the NCHV.   The NCHVs are the main point of contact for the mother and family so will remain in the child’s life, starting at conception, through when the child is introduced to HopeCore’s school-based program at age 5, and throughout their school years.

The NCHVs use the smart phones to gain information, help with tracking of the families under their care, and to provide invaluable information to HopeCore on the families and communities they are serving.

The mobile application is developed through CommCare by Dimagi and is available on an open source exchange to contribute to sharing of information across the world.