Community Health strategy is crucial in achieving universal health coverage. It is an approach through which households and communities strengthen their role in their own health by increasing their knowledge, skills, and participation. At the heart of this strategy are the community health volunteers; community members who are trained to render certain basic health services to the communities they come from.

The CHVs empower households and communities in the delivery of Kenya Essential Package for Health (KEPH) at level 1. The services offered include;

  • Disease prevention and control. CHVs conduct household visits to monitor the correct use of Malaria nets. They also take part in disease surveillance in their communities through reporting and notifying of notifiable diseases
  • Hygiene and environment sanitation. CHVs advocate for the installation of handwashing stations and latrines in every homestead.
  • Health promotion through educating community members on different health topics such as healthy lifestyles, non-communicable diseases, maternal-child health, family planning
  • Family health services to expand family planning, maternal, child and youth services
  • Referral services to link health facilities
  • Management of cases referred by health facilities back to the community

Our program supports 199 Community Health Volunteers across 21 community health units in Mwimbi and Muthambi sub-counties of Tharaka Nithi County. 

The CHVs receive monthly refresher training and support supervision



  • 188 CHVs trained and certified as level 1 community health volunteers. 
  • 94.8% of homes visited by CHVs have hand washing stations
  • 97.86% of homes visited by CHVs have functional latrines
  • 71.58% of households drink treated water
  • 4900 households visited by CHVs every month
  • 1100 Children under five years reached every month for nutritional assessment. Those with MUAC indicating red are promptly referred and followed up for nutritional support
  • Over 120 ANC mothers visited and educated on safe pregnancy every month
  • TB & Immunization defaulter tracing
NCHV certification

CHV Campaigns 

From August 2020, Village HopeCore expanded its CHV program to cover 800 CHVs in four (4) sub-counties of Tharaka Nithi. The four are; Mwimbi, Muthambi, Chuka and Igamba Ng’ombe. We are collaborating with Tharaka Nithi County department of Health Services and Sanitation to train CHVs every 2 months on a selected topic. The CHVs are then given job aids and visit all their households within 2 months. The aim is to offer training to CHVs over a long period of time and get key messages on such topics as Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Nutrition, Covid-19, Family planning to the households