Working with HopeCore

Blog was written by Esther Gakii

My name is Esther Gakii.  I joined HopeCore in March 2016 as a community health worker. I am a mother working at the age of 40. My job is working towards alleviating poverty in Maara Sub County and educating the community. I came to know about Village HopeCore through a friend who advised me of job opportunity as a community health worker. I was among the short listed and I was proud to be interviewed and availed myself to showcase my potential. Through God’s favor I was chosen to work with Village HopeCore International as a community health worker in the public health department. I have been interested to work with the Village HopeCore family because of the high standards of teamwork. My experience with public health has taught me more than any teacher because of the continued interaction with mothers and fathers during the maternal child health clinics (MCH).

My deepest inspiration is to help other mothers in the community to eradicate poverty through educating them on health topics like family planning, nutrition, diarrhea, blood pressure, and blood glucose screening as well as other topics.

My impact to Maara community is to reduce cases of ringworm and improve family planning with healthy children as a result of these lectures. The mothers are happy to receive regular visits reminding them of clean water and washing of hands before meals and after visiting the toilet which has led to reduced cases of fungal infection and worms. When I am done with the MCH I normally help the nurses in triaging which has helped me to know more about the symptoms of certain minor illnesses like diarrhea and fungal infections.

With more practice, my impact on this organization will grow.

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