Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 Education Toolkit

HopeCore’s COVID-19 Educational Toolkit and Resource Hub is designed to provide information, resources and training modules on how to combat COVID-19 in resource-limited areas of the world.

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Our Toolkit

Training for Community Health Workers

A crucial aspect of preventing widespread community infections such as Coronavirus or COVID-19 will be the use of health educators and community health workers. These individuals will be instrumental in educating and reaching the populations who otherwise have challenges to accessing healthcare.

COVID-19 Response Kenya

Education. Collaboration. Empowerment.

Training Modules

At HopeCore we have set up the initial training module and training manual for community health workers on the basics of COVID-19 and how to protect your communities during this global pandemic.

The COVID-19 Flip Chart was created for healthcare workers to print out or download and show to their patients who they are trying to educate on Coronavirus or COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information Materials

Part of our dedication to promoting accurate content involves creating social media marketing that helps inform populations on COVID-19

COVID-19 Response Kenya

COVID-19 Resource Hub

We have collected a list of very helpful and informational material on COVID-19 in this Google document chart.

More helpful COVID-19 resources below!

HopeCore Resource Toolkit

General Information about COVID-19:

Information for Clinicians & Hospitals

Health Education Materials

Research & Journal Articles

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the cure” ~ The Washington Post

Wellness Resources

Creative & Misc.

COVID-19 Toolbox


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