Eradicating poverty and building healthy communities


Our Approach

HopeCore is dedicated to fostering integrated social and economic development in rural communities. We are working to alleviate poverty through microfinance loans and micro enterprise, business training and support, health promotion, and disease prevention programs.

We describe our approach to poverty eradication through the three-legged African stool, without one of the legs, the stool will fall, similarly without the combination of income generation, disease prevention, capacity building, poverty will continue to have a negative impact on communities.

Through the integration of health interventions, both preventative and curative, health education, micro loans, skills-based training, and staff capacity building, HopeCore is reducing the burden of poverty for vulnerable populations in Mwimbi and Muthambi Sub Counties.

Meet the Administration Team

KK_DEO award

Kajira K. Mugambi

Founder & CEO/President


Morris Mawira

Technology Officer

Naomi Nyanchama - Photo

Naomi Nyanchama

Director of Operations


Bertha Muthoni



Elosy Ntarara

Administrative Assistant

Meet the Finance Team


Joshua Iringo

Accountant & Finance Coordinator


Kevin Kirimi

Accounts Assistant

Kawira Mathu

Kawira Mathu

Internal Auditor


Jackline Gatwiri

Accounts Clerk


Madris Muthoni

Accounts Assistant

Meet our US Board of Directors

We have a team of dedicated supporters working to further HopeCore's Mission in the United States.

Meet our Kenya Board of Directors

Made up of local community leaders.