Our Approach

HopeCore's approach is sustainable and replicable. We treat children and their mothers from conception through 18 years of life.

All programming works within existing institutions to ensure longevity of programming. We partner with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, schools, and many others to ensure all activities are working hand in hand with other area interventions and that we do not duplicate efforts.

Our Story

HopeCore's Public Health Program launched in 2009 with the distribution of mosquito nets. In 2010, HopeCore held our first outreach event targeting women and children. The rest is history.

Throughout all programming, HopeCore empowers clients to take control of their health and that of their families through the provision of clear and context specific health information combined with accessible and free clinical service being offered through a range of community touch points.

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Neighborhood Community Health Volunteers

HopeCore has developed an integrated network of neighborhood community health volunteers (NCHVs) who are crucial in supporting the broader health program.


Health Champions

An innovative program whereby HopeCore engages one teacher from each school to promote health within their school.


School-based Mobile Clinics

School-based mobile clinics are an essential component of our programming, with a goal to improve the health of children by preventing disease and detecting and treating health problems early through age appropriate health education and free clinical services.

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Maternal and Child Health Workshops

The MCH workshops function through four modalities: Educate, Prevent, Treat, and Advise to address 14 child health survival technologies


Water and Hygiene

Connected very closely to our Health Champion program, HopeCore has installed 1,000 L clean drinking water tanks and 70 L handwashing tanks in over 200 schools.


Sexual and Reproductive Health

We seek to fill gaps in SRH education and services in the community and school system. This program has many components, including SRH education in schools, providing SRH services to out-of-school youth, community outreach and sensitization, youth peer providers, and a youth center.


Market Outreach

Pop-up clinics in area markets provide HIV testing, Blood Glucose testing, and Blood Pressure testing.

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Global Health HopeCore

HopeCore recently launched an open source YouTube channel to share our learnings after 18 years of work in Chogoria

Meet the Team


Faith Kainyu

Assistant Public Health Coordinator


Musee Sylvanus Okumu

Public Health Educator


Melavin Muthamaki

Public Health Educator


Terry Makena Nyagah

Senior Health Educator


Timothy Nicholas Muriungi

Public Health Educator


Michael Mawira

WASH Monitor

Mercy G

Mercy Muthoni

Group Leader & CHW


Monica Wanja

Group Leader & CHW


Stella Kagendo

Group Leader & CHW

Esther Gakii

Esther Gakii

Group Leader & CHW


Boscow Mugo

Assistant Youth Peer Provider Coordinator

Betty Kageni

Betty Kageni

Youth Centre Coordinator


Martin Murithi

Public Health Driver &

Community Health Worker


Armstrong Mutwiri Njagi

Public Health Driver &

Community Health Worker


Alfred Mwenda Kinuya

Public Health Driver

Jane Jane

Jane Karendi

NCHV Leader & CHW

Jane Kainyu

NCHV Leader & CHW

Esther Mukami

Esther Mukami

NCHV Leader & CHW


Jesca Gakii

NCHV Leader & CHW

Victoria Nyawira

NCHV Leader & CHW


Winjoy Micheni

Senior Community Health Nurse


Irene Mokua

Clinical Coordinator


Sarah Magenda

Community Health Nurse


Felister Wambui

Clinical Officer


Dennis Muchemi Murugu

Community Health Nurse


Dismas Itachi Bosire

Community Health Nurse


James Mwenda Murithi

Community Health Nurse


Walter Hosea Echesa

Community Health Nurse

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